Sunday, November 11, 2007

Ritz London - By Luisa

At least once in one's lifetime, one must stay at the Ritz in London.

Just walking in, you know you have arrived. Low-key but so elegant and beautiful. I had a wonderful site. From the deluxe rooms, to the Junior Suites,to the full Suites, the high ceilings, the colors, the guilded trims, spaciousness and airiness, the furnishings, all so beautiful, so immaculate, elegant and welcoming. The bathrooms divine. We had a one-of-a-kind experience,and very very lucky, that Ruth Jones, the Director of Sales and Marketing,took us down to the private club where one must be a member to enter, or, as guest of the Ritz, you can become a temporary member, and enjoy not only the elegant gambling tables, but dining in the most loveliest of settings.

Through Daphne Warner's office,Dick and I were most fortunate to be able to get last minute reservations for Tea at The Ritz. What a gentle atmosphere, whispered service, soft piano, playing lovely Gershwin and soft classical music, sipping champagne (oh yes, the tea as well... ) what a delight.

I must make a special commendation for their head Concierge.Michael has been with the Ritz for over 30 years and there is not a thing he cannot do. Quick, efficient, in a seemingly effortless manner, he gets things done before you ask for them. He is that good. All my clients I have had stay at the Ritz, had already praised his name, now that I have met him and he helped us with a lot of things we needed, included theatre tickets (and contrary to other deluxes hotels, the Ritz London only adds 5% to the cost of the tickets... exceptional)

Yes, one must stay here at least once, and that means one will go back....

For families, they have the Ritz Kids program. They have children's robes, and all kinds of activities designed just for them. The Ritz already has Christmas packages published. I have a copy if anyone is interested.

Not to forget, book through Daphne Warner. She has been terrific every time I have made a booking. All my clients have received an upgrade. She is very well known and liked at the Ritz.


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