Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Antigua Curtain Bluff

If you're looking for a relaxing and peaceful vacation then Curtain Bluff is the perfect resort.

As we arrived at Curtain Bluff my first thought was...wow, how did I get so lucky? The resort is beautiful with lots of tropical flowers and a great open-air
entranceway, that gives you the feeling, as you step in, that you have finally arrived and can start relaxing. We were immediately met by Wendy, the Assistant Manager, who took us to our room. Our room was a beautiful junior suite located on the ground floor with a patio that led directly to the beach. The room was large with a sitting area, huge bathroom and a ceiling fans that kept the room so nice and cool that no air conditioner was needed. The rooms do not have a t.v. or radio but there is a place at the resort with a t.v. and internet for guests to use. The best part of the room was the view, we had a perfect ocean views and the only noise you could hear was the sound of the waves.

A View from Our Patio

Our Room

There are two beaches at Curtain Bluff: the surf beach (where our room was) and a much calmer beach. The calm beach is where Curtain Bluff has their watersports and all other activities. We played bocci one afternoon and another day took out a paddle-boat, fun but a little too much work for us while on vacation. There's lots to do if you are so inclined..... you can go snorkeling, kayaking, play basketball, tennis, etc. They also have a putting green. Although most guests used the calmer beach to hang out during the day, that beach remained quiet and relaxing. I tried to use my ipod while there, but turned it off
after a minute. I found that any sound except those of the waves ruined the perfect beach atmosphere. Curtain Bluff also has a spa located on the bluffs
with each treatment room facing the ocean. These amazing views can also be enjoyed in their relaxation room which is completely open, and which has
a fabulous infinity jacuzzi. We enjoyed massages one afternoon and then spent some time in the jacuzzi, something I would recommend that every guest
experience while at Curtain Bluff.

Calm Beach

The food at Curtain Bluff was excellent! Each morning we would start our day with breakfast on our patio (with such amazing view why leave?). Breakfast was delightful, simple. They have omelets , fresh fruit, pastries, always consistently very good. Lunch was at the beach offering a delightful buffet which featured different island specials. They offer an a-la-carte menu as well. It was easy to find something different to try each afternoon. Dinner was the main event of the day. Each evening the guests dress up and off they go to the Main dining room. The food and service is great. My favorite was the fresh snapper and, of course, dessert.... the chocolate mouse was amazing! Each night you could find Michelle Hulford (the owner) chatting with all the guests to make sure they had a great day. She gives a very personal feel to the whole resort by just simply checking on everyone and you can tell she remembers each of her guests that come back year after year.

We also took a trip over to Carlisle Bay one afternoon for a site inspection. It is a very contemporary resort while being very comfortable. The rooms are all oceanview suites with white linens complemented by dark woods. The rooms have flat screen TVs, CD and dvd players. They also have 3 bedroom suites that are perfect for families, some even have kitchenettes. The resort has a great kids club that offers a lot for the kids, with variety of activities, like one day they might get a lesson with a tennis pro and another day a lesson on how to catch and release lizards. There is also a small screening room where they show movies a few times a day. They really cater to families but there is an adults section of the resort that is quiet. Carlisle Bay is hoping to attract more honeymooners in the future. We had dinner at East - Asian food and sushi. Everything was wonderful and it was a fun night.

our room at Carlisle Bay

Both resorts are beautiful but very different, Curtain Bluff is more traditional and quiet while Carlisle Bay is a bit more hip and modern while. All in all our stay was wonderful and relaxing. I would recommend Curtain Bluff to anyone that is looking for a vacation that truly takes you away and makes you relax, it is a beautiful resort with excellent food and service.

Danielle Foley